Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coloring metal

I know now that I am my father's daughter. Countless new hobbies, mutations of those into other hobbies, stranded projects that didnt get finished out of boredom. For those who know me, you'll question if I'm talking about my dad or myself!

While my love and obsession with metal work and jewelry making hasn't ebbed at all, I'm constantly looking for ways to push it and make it different. So imagine my excitement when I learned that I could actually apply color with Prismacolor pencils! I still have them hanging around from my graphic design years (yes, they are THAT old) although some of them are little nubs. They were lovingly packed away in a Mickey Mouse tin which I located in a box in the basement on Friday (among a lot of unfinished projects that I KNOW I should finish, but won't) and pulled upstairs, dusted off, and are now sitting on my dining room table (heretofore known as "Melissa's jewelry bench")
Here are just a few pictures of why I'm excited...

The first and third piece were done by Deb Karash and the beautiful paisley piece was done by Jane Adams. Expect to start seeing some of this from me ! Of course not on this level anytime soon. I just hope I stick with it long enough to show off some of the pieces!

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