Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taking a turn

Life is full of twists and turns. You can either choose to ignore them or to realize them as challenges and potential opportunities. It's been awhile since I've posted and during the time I've been away , I adopted a bundle of furry energy. The first few days are lost in a haze of making sure the new puppy didn't chew (she did anyway), go to the bathroom on my nice rugs (she did anyway), or chase my faithful feline assistant, Mosby (of COURSE she did). Trips to Petco and Petsmart yielded lots of doggy stuff. Bed, collar, crate, and treats.. lots of treats.

I tried to work on my jewelry. I NEEDED to since I had my first show the first weekend of December, but Georgie was a total distraction. Pushing her favorite toy against my leg over and over to let me know it was time to put aside the torch and play for a bit. We'd head outside too... a nice romp in the yard. She always came to me when I called for her, until the day when she didnt... she actually looked at me and ran in the opposite direction.

You'd think that while I was spending all that money on toys to keep her from getting bored and everything else to keep her comfortable, that I might have thought about getting her a nice little tag with her name and my phone number on it, but I hadn't ! So once I found her and got her home, I settled into the work of making one for her. After all, Im a jewelry maker... so why shouldnt my pup have a nice piece of doggy jewelry?

And that's when the turn happened. That's when something in my life shifted. That was the day that Doggone Tags was born. Sometimes when life shows you the twists , grab it... you might find that it's a chance for you to embrace a wonderful new path.