Sunday, August 22, 2010

Branding phase 2

Phase II of new logo is NOT going according to plan ! I thought I had soldering down 100%, but apparently I still have things to learn because I am having an impossible time getting the tree pieces to stay. A lot of cussing and two burned fingers later, here's where I am with the metal version of the logo design...

You can see the mountain and the foreground taking shape. So far there are three layers. Sterling silver backing with a stamped design around the edge for a "frame" , the mountain is in copper, and the foreground (the hillside) is in silver. It's impossible to see the detail in the hillside, but I've hammered in some texture that looks like long grass.

Hopefully I'll be able to tackle this again tomorrow, but Im off to eat burritos, drink a glass of wine, and settle in for some Sunday night football !

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, all !
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